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Helping protect your children. Child safety systems.

G-Track readies to launch it's new line-up of GPS and safety products.

RGS Technologies selected by G-Trac as the USA distributor of their unique and affordable GPS tracking and KidSAFE product line.

RGS Technologies is looking for companies, individuals, and organizations who would like to offer the latest in tracking and safety technologies.

May 2004
G-Track changes their name to GPSanywhere to symbolize their global tracking abilities. Distributors and dealers wanted worldwide!

GPSanywhere and RGS Technologies finalize distributor sign-up and order portal. Tracking demo will be up late June.

GPS and Kidsafe Systems will work in the United States, South America, Asia, Africa Australia and Canada.

Distributor portal open. Dealers can apply on-line.

Global oppotunities for resellers in Canada, South America, UK, Asia, Africa and Australia.

KidSAFE product launch.

Dealers wanted in the UK! Apply online at:

Pet Tracking system! Locate your lost pet with this innovative pet locating system from GPS Anywhere!

Dealers Wanted!
North American launch. Become a KidSAFE and/or GPS Cellphone/GPS Tracking reseller.
Dealers wanted worldwide!

Contact us if you are a National or global telecom and would like to distribute our
products or license our technologies for your product line.

Child Safety and Tracking from GPSanywhere. Now parents have a way to ensure that their child is safe and not in some kind of trouble. KidSAFE systems allows a parent to to watch over their younger children if they leave an area or fall into water.

Kid Safe System from Track my
The Kid Safe System was developed to allow parents to know when their children leave a pre-specified range by sounding an alarm on a pager-like unit the parent carries in a pocket. The children are monitored with ball-like pendants that can be easily clipped onto clothing.You are alerted if a child leaves an area or falls into water!

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For older children, we have a unique true GPS cell phone that can locate your teenager. For your teenagers learning to driver, you can monitor their driving habits or whereabouts right from work or home over the phone or any computer on the Internet.

GPSAnywhere! G-Phone GPS Cell Phone
Using GPS Anywhere! Phone is a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only does this phone act as your normal, SIM enabled, phone for all you connectivity and communication needs, but in the background of this beautiful, lightweight, durable phone is the patented GPS Anywhere! technology for global tracking.
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GPSanywhere GPS products can be used by all members of the family as an asset tracker and for communications and safety worldwide. Locate your car from anywhere in the world. The G-phone is a regular cellphone, but with a built-in GPS receiver. This phone works in most countries around the world.

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GPS Anywhere! G-Locator
Asset and auto tracking. The GPS Anywhere! Locator is a one-of-a-kind location device that is concealed in a standard silver casing. This tracking device can be concealed in anything, from a car to a boat, to anything that requires tracking or monitoring.
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Use as a regular cellphone or a GPS Tracking device!

Use the GPS phone to monitor your new teen drivers!
It's a proven fact that the most dangerous time in a driver's career is when he or she is just starting to drive. GPSanywhere provides you with the tools you need to help monitor your teenager to become a better, safer driver. Monitor your drivers speed and activity. Presets for speed and allowed driving areas. Know when your teen is going into restricted areas. Enforce your teens cerfews and restrictions with this GPS cell phone.


We offer several ways to monitor the GPS phone/locator.

  • Monitor over the Internet
  • Monitor from your color display cell phone that uses SIM card
  • Monitor from wireless palm devices
  • Monitor from Phone or E-mail

Become a reseller of innovative GPS and tracking products and services...

We are looking for dealers/resellers worldwide. Please callRGS Technologies at 216-322-9111 for GPS dealer opportunities! Exclusive distribution available.

Dealers wanted in the UK!  Apply online at:

About RGS Technologies...

RGS Technologies is located in Cleveland, Ohio. We are building a network of security professionals across the United States and worldwide through unique and exclusive partnering. International and global companies and individuals looking to become an exclusive distributor of any of these products are welcome to contact us at: or contact Robert Seketa at 216-322-9111 (RGS Technologies)

Affordable GPS tracking service for home and business use. This combination cell phone and gps tracker lets parents and business owners keep an eye on their children and fleet from work or home using the Internet and a PC or WAP Cellphone or palm device.

These GPS phones and GPS locators can be used in business as an affordable fleet tracking and asset tracking system. Increase productivity and lower down time. Stop unscheduled side trips by employees. Can pay for itself in as little 8 months or less.

RGS has solutions for Fleet Tracking and remote protection on construction equipment and trailers. RGS also provides Security and Alarm Systems, Alarm Monitoring and Medical Alert Systems through our dealer network. RGS Technologies is working hard to protect the things most important in your life.. Your family and property...

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